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It’s all about the fans.

About The Life Wall Company

Founded in late 2015, The Life Wall Company soon started having a big interest among mayor UK and European football clubs. We were on a path of innovation offering sport clubs an additional revenue channel and at the same time, design and build a tool to connect them directly with their audience, taking the fan experience and their engagement with the club to the next level.

The Life Wall Company designs, builds and delivers innovative, interactive and digitally enhanced fanzones outside sports clubs stadiums.

My role:

Digital Designer working directly with Creative Director, Operations, Account Director and stakeholders.

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Website design for The Life Wall Company, for fans and potentials clients and partners. The Website should be responsive and viewable on any device anytime and around the world. Website should be image led, attractive and not very detailed since we were still dealing with the pattern/ IP registration.

Website goal:

Be informative and tell the user what we do as a company and further information about Life Walls. Be attractive and appealing to potentials partnerships and Ambassadors.

At the same time we were carry on pitching to new and potential football clubs, we were setting up the first ever Life Wall and Peterborough, so we needed the website done and life ASAP for validation.

As a user I would like to:
  • Know more about what The Life Wall Company does.
  • Find out which teams and organisations is The Life Wall Company working with.
  • Meet the team.
  • Join the team (current job openings).
  • Apply to become one of The Life Wall Company Ambassadors.
  • Find and follow The Life Wall Company on their social media channels.
  • Find out more about Life Wall/ Wall Life.
  • Discover if my football club has or will have a Life Wall.
  • Register my interest for my sport club to have a wall in the future.
  • Get my space on the wall.
  • Log into my account.
Site Map & Hand drawn wireframes:
High Resolution Mockups:


  • The sooner I am involved in the process the better.
  • Ask questions even if it might pissed people off.
  • Team work makes the dream work.
Thank you