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iPhone’s native timer app re-design to suit Interval training activities.


Improving the timer feature of the iPhone clock app (default app).


Because when exercising, especially high intensity interval training you need to follow and stick to timings.

In this case, I would love to use my iPhone while training since I am already carrying it with me wherever I go, it can provide more assertive timings to my daily workout.

I believe more people would use it while training if this feature was built, and it would be nice to empower people to exercise and improve their lifestyle.


Target Audience:

We want to appeal to sporty and active people, predominantly young mid 20’s to late 30’s who train regularly almost every day. People who like interval training, circuits and/or cross fit, and either exercise at home, in the park or at the gym.

Intervals App Competitor analysis 04 by Mariofdez
Intervals App Competitor analysis 02 by Mariofdez
IntervalsApp Competitor analysis 03 by Mariofdez
IntervalsApp Competitor analysis 01 by Mariofdez
Competitor analysis:

Initial research into existing timer apps for IOS.

User stories:
  • Tania is always very strict with timings when exercising making sure she starts and finishes on time. When training she uses her alarm to time each interval so it is vital to start at the exact time…no jokes!
  • Lenia likes to exercise at home and she uses a Facebook page called Popsugar Fitness because they have a wide variety of video exercises where time is kept by the trainer (and also displayed in the screen) and she always says which exercise is next.
  • Mario has tried to use the clock app on his iPhone (stopwatch and timer) when doing interval training and most of the times found himself struggling and frustrated because; he is not able to set the countdown timer for less than 1 minute and has to use stopwatch which requires him checking at the time continuously… not very enjoyable training! He bought an interval timer.
Current flow
Intervals App Current Flow - Mariofdez
New flow
Intervals App New Flow - Mariofdez
Sketches and hand drawn wireframes:
Wireframes: Create new interval flow
Intervals App Wireframes: Create new interval - Mariofdez
Wireframes: Amend/view existing Interval
Intervals App Wireframes: Amend/view existing interval - Mariofdez
HiRes Mockups
Intervals App Wireframes: Amend/view existing interval - Mariofdez
Intervals App Wireframes: Amend/view existing interval - Mariofdez


  • Identifying key players from the start brings you clarity throughout your journey and avoids personal opinions.
  • Opinions are like but holes… everybody has one.
  • Don’t be afraid of chasing people down and be persistent.
  • Keep CEO and directors on the loop after every feedback session.
  • Keep notes along the way to document decisions taken, so it will not backfire at you later on in the journey.
Thank you