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We were changing insurance partners and took the opportunity to update the life insurance product pages across our 3 channels.


Barclays life insurance pages were in need of an uplift as we were changing providers. My job was to present Life insurance to our users (new and existing) in a simple way, easy to understand, quick to navigate and appealing to the wider audience. The idea was to go back to the drawing board and come up with a narrative and flow whereby users will be informed about life insurance no matter how much or how little they knew about the topic.

This is how the pages used to look:


Who is the target audience:

We want to appeal to everyone, especially young people since they are the ones that don’t consider life insurance until a later day or until unfortunate happens in their surroundings.

To define the narrative, we used the see-think-do-care framework from Google, so we present the right information in front of the user at the right time. It is hard to asses how much or how little does the user know about insurance, with the framework we separated our audience into 4 groups:

  • See: Anyone that can buy the product (from you or someone else)
  • Think: Anyone that has seen the product and is thinking about buying it
  • Do: Anyone that has already make up their mind and are ready to buy the product
  • Care: anyone that already has the product
SeeThinkDoCare framework
Some misconceptions about life insurance:

From previous user testing sessions, I gathered some of the thoughts and views users had about Life insurance…

  • I’m young and healthy – life insurance is for older people
  • I can’t get life insurance because I’m a smoker, overweight, unwell or unfit
  • Life insurance is too expensive
  • I’m a stay-at-home parent so I don’t need life insurance
  • I don’t have children so I don’t need life insurance
  • I already have a life insurance policy through work
  • I don’t need life insurance right now
  • The application process takes too long
  • I don’t know that the insurers will actually pay my loved ones if I die
  • I only get a payout if something happens to me – life insurance is a waste of money
Competitor analysis
Handdrawn wireframes:

Based on the 4 groups we separated our audience earlier, we define our narrative to flow like this…

Stakeholder feedback session and copy requirements gathering (Jira):
More feedback from the user testing session:
Final Hi-Res designs (mobile):
How did we work:


  • People like stories however they would not scroll further than the second section
  • Some people thought that Life Insurance pays off at the end of the policy
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